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Thank you for an amazing run this year!

Pint glasses will be available to pick up in-store at Duluth Running Co. on FRIDAY MARCH 14, 2014. They will be available to pick up through March 31st. You may pick up pint glasses for other people. Additional pint glasses can be purchased at Duluth Running Co. for just $5 from this Friday through the end of March.  

Event Information

The Shamrock Pub Shuffle is back for 2014! This year’s event brings big additions of a fourth pub stop, plus a Finisher’s Festival with live music in Downtown Duluth from Brothers Burn Mountain, Diet Folk, and Mikey Talented.

The Shamrock Pub Shuffle is a celebration of St. Patrick’s Day through the spirit of running and gathering at the local pub. A portion of proceeds from this event go to benefit the Twin Ports Miracle League (501 C3). The run begins behind Duluth Running Co in Leif Erickson Park. Following mostly the Lakewalk for the first three pub stops we hit Carmody’s Irish Pub first, Canal Park Brewery second, and Pizza Luce third. The fourth pub stop includes a finisher festival outside Dubh Linn’s.

This event is not a race. Costumes are welcome and encouraged! Put on your best green gear!

For just $20, you will get entry into the event, a souvenir pint glass, and access into the Finisher Tent, which includes live music.  Registration is available online only through this site. Registration will be capped at 1,000 participants.

This is an age 21 and up event.

Wave Information

New this year there will be 9 waves. Due to the increased capacity we will be designating waves to participants which we send out to you via email before the event.  Each wave will have approximately 100 people. We run (walk if in a walking wave) together as a group. Participants are required to stay behind the group leaders at all times and obey all traffic laws. We highly encourage you to start and continue with the wave you are assigned to, so the event runs smooth. All participants start from Leif Erickson Park.

  • Wave 1 starts at 3:30pm: 8min mile
  • Wave 2 starts at 3:35pm: 9 min mile
  • Wave 3 starts at 3:40pm: 9 min mile
  • Wave 4 starts at 3:45pm : 10 min mile
  • Wave 5 starts at 3:50pm: 10 min mile
  • Wave 6 starts at 3:55pm: 10 min mile
  • Wave 7 starts at 4pm: 11 min mile
  • Wave 8 starts at 4:05pm: 11min mile
  • Wave 9 starts at 4:10pm: Walk
Finisher Festival
Finisher Festival: A gigantic heated tent outside Dubh Linn’s with live music awaits you at the finish from Brothers Burn Mountain, Diet Folk, and Mikey Talented! Superior Street will be shut down between 1st and 2nd Ave West for this grand block party. All registered Pub Shuffle participants get free entry into the Finisher Festival. Drinks and food will be serv`ed inside the festival tent and in Dubh Linn’s Irish Pub. Once you’ve reached the Finisher Festival outside Dubh Linn’s you are done. Finisher Festival outside Dubh Linn’s ends at 9pm. The party will keep going inside Dubh Linn’s until bar close.

Non Pub Shuffle participants will be charged a $5 cover at the entrance to get into the Finisher Festival block/ Dubh Linn’s. 

Plan a sober ride home. It is your responsibility to plan a designated sober driver to take you home.


Is this a race?
Absolutely not! This is just a fun run for a great cause. We run together as group staying behind the group leaders. Each group is considered a “wave”. Waves will have around 100 people that have selected a similar pace during registration. There will be 10 waves in 2014.

Which pace group should I enter?
Bearing in mind that this is not a race, select whichever group you feel will be the most fun and comfortable for your ability. New this year we will be assigning you your wave. We will send you your wave assignment via email at least two days before the event. Your wave will match the pace you select during registration. Due to the increased capacity we are allowing into the event this year, we will have, for instance, two waves that both run at 9 min miles.

May I change my pace group?
If you feel you need to, yes. However, we ask that you please do this before the Pub Shuffle starts and not during the run.

May we donate more than the entry fee?

What time should we be there?
We are asking that all Pub Shuffle Participants be at the Duluth Running Co absolutely no later 3:30PM, in order to have enough time to get your wristband and hear any pre-Shuffle announcements.

May I bring someone who isn’t 21 or over and just not go in the bars?
No. We are asking that all participants be of legal drinking age. Your wristband to enter Carmody’s, Canal Park Brewery, Pizza Luce, and Dubh linn’s will also act as proof of paid registration, so to participate in the run you must have a wristband and therefore be at least 21, no exceptions.

How much time will we get at each venue?
You will have 15 minutes at Carmody’s, Canal Park Brewing Co., and Pizza Luce. We ask you please follow this, especially if you are in one of the earlier groups, to give everyone a fair shot at getting inside and getting served. Your group leaders will start the clock when the last group member enters, and will let you know when time is up and it’s time to move on out. Once you get to Dubh Linn’s Finisher Festival, you are finished, and you may spend as much time as you please there.

Are pets allowed?
As our four legged friends are not allowed inside our pub stops, we are asking you please leave your pets at home. (Service animals are allowed).

May we wear headphones?
Yes, but at your own risk. The Pub Shuffle course will not be closed to the public aside from when we are on Michigan Street, and will only be manned by volunteers. We are asking that all participants be aware of their surroundings and follow the “rules of the road” and obey all traffic signals.


Check-In runs from 2:30pm to 4pm at Duluth Running Co. We recommend checking in thirty minutes before your wave starts. If you are registered you will receive a wave assignment by 2pm on Saturday 3/8 via email. At check in you will get checked in for the event and receive your wristband, which will get you access to all of the pubs and into the Finisher’s Festival outside Dubh Linn’s. Due to severe weather (snow storms and freezing rain in the Southeast) our Pint Glasses have been held up an entire week. You will be able to pick up your pint glass from Duluth Running Co. starting next Friday 3/14/14 through 3/31/14. We will email all participants if they arrive earlier than 3/14. We apologize for this inconvenience. You may pick pint glasses for other people.

Required to show at check in and to participate: Photo ID (Must be 21 years of age).
Along with your ID please print your registration receipt which will have your unique QR code (we can also scan your QR code from your phone). We can still check you in to the event with your QR code, however it’s a much faster process if you have your QR code.

All pubs have the right to ID anyone, so please run with your ID.

If have not registered yet we are allowing people to register online through 4pm on event day. Event Day registration is done entirely online so you will only be able to use a credit/check card on Sunday.

These waves will remain open through event day registration:

  • Wave 1 start time 3:30pm, 8min mile
  • Wave 3 start time 3:40pm, 9min mile
  • Wave 6 start time 3:55pm, 10min mile
  • Wave 8 start time 4:05pm, 11min mile
  • Wave 9 start time 4:10pm, walk

Our unique registration platform allows us to keep online registration open. I.e. you can register for the event from you car just minutes before checking in.

  • Begin with your assigned wave.
  •  Start at Leif Erickson Park
  • Follow Lakewalk West
  •  Follow Fitgers Ramp east, turn left on Superior St.
  • #1 Pub Stop: 15 min at Carmody’s
  • Follow Lakewalk west
  • Turnaround and follow Lakewalk east
  • #2 Pub Stop: 15 min at Canal Park Brewery
  •  Continue on to upper Lakewalk
  • Cross Superior St. at Lake Ave
  • #3 Pub Stop: 15 min at Pizza Luce
  • Cross Superior St. at Lake Ave
  • Go down stairs from upper Lakewalk
  •  Follow Michigan St. west
  • Turn right onto sidewalk of 1st Ave West.
  • Cross 1st Ave West at Superior St.
  • Arrive at Finisher Festival/Dubh Linn’s!